Artichoke ABC

Are your globe artichokes in bud? Have one for lunch!

Globe artichoke bud

Cut off enough stalk so that it will fit in a steamer.

Globe artichoke in steamer

Steam until a scale detaches effortlessly from the bud when you pull it. (This 10cm diameter artichoke took about 25 minutes.)

Globe artichoke with melted butter

Starting near the stem (and discarding the first round or two of scales), start detaching and dipping each scale in melted butter and then by putting the scale between your teeth scrape off the succulent base - and eat! They are quite tasty without any butter too. 

I ploughed right in and forgot to take a photo of the individual scales. But I found these ones later in the debris on the plate - small unscraped scales left (probably from the discarded outer layer) and larger scraped scales right.

Scraped and unscraped scales

Below is the hairy 'choke'. Don't eat this bit, it's hairy. Scrape it out with a spoon.

Globe artichoke choke

This is the 'heart' - the tastiest part. Enjoy! 

Globe artichoke heart

I kept going - the centre of the stalk is good too.

Plate of globe artichoke scales


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