Floret Frittata

I made a frittata with florets, flower buds, flower sprouts, broccolis, (call them what you will!).

Mixed vegetable flower sprouts

They came from sea kale........

Sea kale sprouts

Good King Henry....

Good King Henry flower sprouts

and Turkish rocket....

Turkish rocket flower sprouts

They were steamed for few minutes until just tender, and then stirred into a bowl of four beaten eggs seasoned with chopped garlic chives and salt and pepper. I cooked the mixture in hot oil in a frying pan up until the point when the egg was still very slightly runny.....

and then topped the frittata with some grated cheese and browned it under a hot grill (and stepped outside with it for a better photo!)

At this point my son came downstairs to cook himself some eggs, saw the frittata and asked if he could eat it.

He didn't like it! Said it was 'very vegetabley'. Well it was, and all the better for that! So I had most of it and Stew came in hungry from work and polished of the rest.

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