Making a Meal of It.

I've been on an allotment forage today. I tried to find ingredients for as complete a meal from the perennial veggies as I can manage. Here's my bounty:

Mixed ingredients for a perennial vegetable winter meal

I gathered scorzonera, skirret and Jerusalem artichoke roots, Babington leeks, Portuguese kale, rosemary, sage, along with garden sorrel, salad burnet, bladder campion  and scorzonera greens. The plan is to roast the roots with the herbs and top them with a sorrel sauce, and serve them with steamed kale and a salad of the greens.

I'll be back to report on how it turns out!........


So this was my tea.

Meal made from perennial vegetables with side salad

The lime green is the sorrel sauce. I used the electric blender and whizzed together sorrel, Babington leek shanks, some yoghurt and salt and pepper. I think the meal would definitely have lacked something without the yoghurt (other non-allotment additions I made were oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper). The sauce was delicious with the roasted roots - especially with the skirret. The Jerusalem artichoke and scorzonera are tasty enough but skirret is really in a class of its own! I roasted the bulb portion of the Babington leeks with the roots but they were a bit bitter used that way, something I found another year when I used them in soup.

The kale was good - I'm a kale lover anyhow, but Portuguese kale is a particularly well-flavoured variety.

I cleared my plate with relish - but left half the salad. It was a bit fibrous. The bladder campion was tender but I should probably have searched out the tinier leaves of the scorzonera; at this time of year the bigger leaves are a little bit on the tough side and salad burnet tends in that direction at the best of times.

A slightly unusual meal but it was filling, warming and satisfying which is what I want on a cold winter day!

N.B. I sell a range of perennial vegetable plants on my website.