Winter in the Perennial Vegetable Garden 2016

I've posted the winter photos below for the third set of perennial vegetable photos on this blog. The quamash, golden garlic and wild hyacinth are still below ground. The identity of the plant in the second photo (possibly Oenanthe pimpinelloides but originally thought to be the earth chestnut, Bunium bulbocastanum) will have to wait for further inspection at flowering time later this year for confirmation (and I'm looking forward to buying a Bunium bulbocastanum from Edulis rare plant nursery in May!).

(Spring, summer and autumn photos. Photos from 2013/4 here and 2014/5 here - different plants).

Oyster plant

Giant chives
Pearl onion

Variegated Daubenton
Ewiger kohl

Bladder campion
Three-cornered leek

Oyster plant - Mertensia maritima
? - Oenanthe pimpinelloides?
Giant chives - Allium ledebourianum
Pearl onion - Allium ampeloprasum ssp. ampeloprasum
Variegated Daubenton - Brassica oleracea var.'Daubenton Panache'
Ewiger kohl - Brassica oleracea (translation 'ever-lasting cabbage')
Horseradish - Armoracia rusticana
Bladder campion - Silene vulgaris - known as 'carletti' in Italy
Three-cornered leek - Allium triquetrum
Grass nut - Triteleia laxa

N.B. I sell a range of perennial vegetable plants on my website.