Perennial Pizza

I went foraging on the allotment today! Inspired by Carl Legge's nettle pizza in his great book, "The Permaculture Kitchen" ("How to cook no faff, seasonal & sustainable food"), I had a pizza made with perennial greens and herbs in mind. Lots to choose from! I picked a few of each.

Starting from the top left above are wild garlic, scorzonera, Babington leek, day lily, Welsh onion, nettle, variegated Daubenton kale, thyme, sea beet, Portuguese kale, rosemary, bladder campion, salad burnet, Siberian purslane, Caucasian spinach and garden sorrel.

The pizza was easy to put together. I just needed to wash and chop the leaves, season them, toss them in oil and pile them on the pizza dough round on a bed of cubed cheese. But you can follow Carl's instructions here for the all important details.

pile of collected perennial vegetable greens

chopped, seasoned perennial vegetable greens piled on pizza dough

piece of perennial vegetable pizza

Perennial pizza. Absolutely!

N.B. I sell a range of perennial vegetable plants on my website.