Winter in the Perennial Vegetable Garden 2013/4

It's a dark, cold day out there today! Despite the atrocious photographs I hope you can nevertheless make out the state of play for the fourth season in my roundup of perennial vegetables on the plots. It looks like I'll be waiting until March to harvest the Babington leeks. I'm interested in getting a picture of when these are ready (at about 30cm tall) for different areas of the country - so if you are growing Babington leeks I'll be pleased to hear from you. The Chinese artichokes really were as tiny as they look in the photo (about 3-4cm). It was an extremely dry summer in East Yorkshire and despite some heavy mulching with leaf mould they just weren't happy. I'm going to try to keep them really moist this year and cut them down before they flower too.

Spring, summer and autumn photos. Second set of photos here.

Sea kale
Caucasian spinach
Daubenton kale
Good King Henry
Sorrel "Profusion"
Ostrich fern
Sea beet
Babington leek
Giant chives
Turkish rocket
Buckler-leaved sorrel
Pink purslane, musk mallow, hosta
Skirret (still just a stalk)
Red-veined sorrel
Jerusalem artichoke
Chinese artichoke

N.B. I sell a range of perennial vegetable plants on my website.