Oca and Artichoke Winter Salad

I've just made this flavoursome and crunchy winter salad using tiny raw oca, raw Chinese artichokes, slices of raw Jerusalem artichoke, lots of perennial salad leaves, a few herbs and one annual self-seeding salad leaf.

Dish of winter salad

There's quite a lot of perennial wild cabbage in there, together some Georgia Southern collard leaves and a heritage brassica I only know as Tall Kale, which I shredded and scrunched up with sea salt to make it all juicy before adding the other greens.

The other perennial greens are watercress, musk mallow, red-veined sorrel, garden sorrel, salad burnet, tree onion, sea beet, buck's horn plantain, dandelion and pink purslane. The herbs are parsley (quite a lot) and rosemary, sage and mint (just a little of these) and the self-seeder is the friendly little lambs lettuce. All tossed in a simple salad dressing.

A veritable winter tonic!

N.B. I sell a range of perennial vegetable plants on my website.